Best New Year’s Resolution

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I often get frustrated because I am a Christian, but I don’t know the Bible like I should … at all!  I often think, “I wonder what the Bible says about this,” but never look it up.  When I do decide to look to the Bible, the answer is always there.  If I would know more of God’s Word, I would know more how He wants me to live, and thus, live a more fulfilled life instead of one laced with uncertainty.

So, I decided 2013 is the year to “Get ‘er done!”  Last summer when I was thinking about reading the Bible in one year, God gave me an idea to share the challenge with others.  But, how could my Biblical naiveté help others?  Exactly!  Others must be like me, having many of the same questions that I do about the Bible.  So I looked to my church to provide some expertise.  Rob Fields, the Research and Curriculum Coordinator at Summit Church in Orlando, has stepped up to the plate.  He is willing and eager to share his wealth of knowledge to answer questions and clarify confusing passages in the Bible.

For about 15 minutes a day, you can read the most important book in one year.  Invite anyone you know to join this free life-changing education.  The more you invite, the more lives that can be enlightened.

For this study, I am using Tyndale’s The One-Year Chronological Bible, New Living Translation, a translation that uses modern vocabulary.  You can pick it up at a bookstore (Call ahead to see if they have it. Christian bookstores are a good bet.) or download e-reader versions from online bookstores.  I will provide the text, but it’s always beneficial to have something you can write notes in.  You can use any translation, but it may be easier to follow along using the same Bible.  NLT is available free online at, however, the chronological version is not an option there.

The format will be in this order: daily reading, my questions and comments, Rob’s answers and comments. You are welcome to post a comment.  Thank you for participating!

Bless God by reading His rulebook as He has blessed us in so many ways.  If you don’t get started Jan. 1, don’t fret, the readings will be labeled so you can start at any time.

So, buckle up, pick up the Word and let’s get started.


2 thoughts on “Best New Year’s Resolution

  1. This is really cool that you’re doing this! I am on day 28 of this plan and absolutely love it. It is really fun to see God’s story unfolding. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

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