Day 164 (June 13): Micaiah alters Ahab’s plan, Ahab dies, Ahaziah takes over Israel, Jehoshaphat appoints judges, spirt takes over Israel to give them victory

Welcome to BibleBum where we are exploring the entire Bible in one year to better learn how to follow God’s instructions and discover the purpose for our lives.  The BibleBum blog uses The One Year Chronological Bible, the New Living Translation version.  At the end of each day’s reading, Rob, a cultural history aficionado and seminary graduate, answers questions from Leigh An, the blogger host, about the daily scripture.  To start from the beginning, click on “Index” and select Day 1.

1 Kings 22:10-28

2 Chronicles 18:9-27

1 Kings 22:29-35

2 Chronicles 18:28-34

1 Kings 22:36-40

1 Kings 22:51-53

2 Chronicles 19:1-11

2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Questions & Observations

O. (1 Kings 22:10-28): What an interesting story.  King Ahab is in a hot spot!

Q. (1 Kings 22:29-35): I would think that after God spared Ahab with the Naboth debacle, he would have stopped his yo-yoing of following God.  He had to have known that Micaiah was speaking the truth.  He didn’t listen, and despite his efforts to not stand out as a king, a random arrow found him.  You can’t hide from God.

A. Ahab thought that he could be safe and be in control by disguising himself, but you are right, it was not the king of Aram that Ahab should have feared, but the King of Heaven.

O. What a beautiful story of God’s strength, love and loyalty.  Without Jehoshaphat acknowledging, praying and asking God for help, Judah would have been destroyed.  He moved all the people to praise God.  What a sight to see Judah marching out to face the enemies and the enemy camps start fighting amongst themselves.  How great is God.  I like what they were singing “Give thanks to the Lord; his faithful love endures forever!”

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