Day 320 (Nov. 16): Paul preaches in Athens, Paul reflects on his visit, Timothy’s report about the church, live to please God, hope of resurrection

Welcome to BibleBum where we are exploring the entire Bible in one year to better learn how to follow God’s instructions and discover the purpose for our lives.  The BibleBum blog uses The One Year Chronological Bible, the New Living Translation version.  At the end of each day’s reading, Rob, a cultural history aficionado and seminary graduate, answers questions from Leigh An, the blogger host, about the daily scripture.  To start from the beginning, click on “Index” and select Day 1.

Acts 17:16-18:3

1 Thessalonians 1-5:11

Questions & Observations

Q. (1 Thessalonians 1:6): What is Paul talking to the church in Thessalonica about them suffering?

A. We read about it yesterday’s reading (Acts 17:5-14), where a Christian named Jason was targeted by hostile Jews and slandered, possibly being beaten in the process.  It appears that this was part of the type of persecution and suffering Christians received in Thessalonica after Paul escaped.

O. Through his letters, we see how incredibly close Paul feels to the Christians in these different cities.  What freedom Paul and other Christian teachers must have felt to preach and devote all of their time to educating others about Jesus.  I think of our sermon last week at church where the pastor said to throw away those things that bind you and get on with your own personal mission.  This blog just kind of came together at the last minute, thanks to my hubby, Jessica at our church and Rob (big thanks!).  It came together and I didn’t give it a second thought about doing it.  I just did it.  Now, I want to take it further, producing products that would be in your everyday life for everyone to see.  But, I have to wait on some funding to do that.  It’s taking longer than I thought it would for the funding part, but I know God’s hand is in it, so I know whatever happens will be what he wants.  But to let go of those chains that bind, like pride and patience, I have to wait for God to make it the right time.  He orchestrates well, so I need to leave it in his hands.  Doing that is the hard part.  But, Paul and the other teachers of the Gospel, just handed it all over to God and let him do the work of putting their missionary work together.

Q. (4:6): So God will avenge those who have sinned sexually?  I have always thought that when someone has immoral sexual practices that they are hurting themselves, hurting the ones they are in relationships with, etc.  I never thought about sexual immorality hurting God.

A. All sin is ultimately against God, whether directly via blasphemy, or indirectly by hurting one of His children.  And while I see the rhetorical point Paul is going for here, I do not believe that there is something about sexual sin that God will punish or “avenge” more than other sin.  This passage is meant to be a warning to those who were committing sexual sin, but all sin is punished, one way or another.

Q. (4:11): I would think that by “quiet life” mentioned here would mean don’t party, don’t be the center of attention, don’t be obnoxious or rude.

A. Don’t forget gossip, which is your classic combination of not being “quiet” when you should be and also not “minding your own business.”  I suspect that Paul is writing to people who had taken a bit too much interest in the affairs of others.

O. (5:11): Love this verse!

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